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Service Plan

3. System Installation

Want to archive by digital book.
Want to efficiently manage/operate in-house document and website with a lot of contents.
Want to manage information in secure environment inside the company.
Want to manage document and also copyright and image in the document.

Installation Example

  • Art School :
    Archived artworks by student can be used  for the student’s recruiting activities.
  • Presidential Office Building :
    YOUSEE digital book is installed in the system for communication and public relations.
  • Installed as the archive system in educational facility including universities.
  • Development of digitalized books of major publishing companies and preparatory schools.
  • Installed as the digital museum in museums.
  • Installed as the product catalogue in various companies.

Installation Example


Hearing and Explanation
Proposal / Quotation
Planning / Constitution / Design
Creation of Each Page and Contents
Confirmation / Delivery
  Firstly, feel free to open your demand and current problems.   Based on customer's demand, we will explain the system and show examples and see what we can do for helping the customer.   Responding to what we have heard, we present our proposal and quotation to the customer.   Upon the agreement, we work on total constitution and design.   After confirmation, we work on creating each page and contents.   Confirming no problem after tests, data is delivered.
First of all, please feel free to ask us anything.

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Won the first prize in Samsung APPS contest 2010 for Internet TV.
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