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Fast in Creation!
Only a few seconds for making 1000 pages of digital book

Development of the core technology of YOUSEE started in 2001, when Internet was prevailing in the narrow band time and it was essential to study how fast and how accurately contents can be displayed.  All that studied in those days produced core technology that viewer and data structure is segmentalized, whose technology is applied to today’s YOUSEE as well.

In addition, due to change of the base of motion into Flash, special viewer is no more necessary to install, and user-friendliness has improved.

YOUSEE has received such reputations from customers who use YOUSEE that Flash viewer is easy to use and loading and page flipping are quite fast.

Multi-Language Picture Book
Won the first prize in Samsung APPS contest 2010 for Internet TV.
Ferruccio Soleri Digital Museum

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