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  PartⅡ. How to create your own DBook

  1. Creation by Windows
     Vista / 7 /  Explorer 7
     and over
  2. Initial Caution
  3. Menu  
  4. Digital Publish  
  4-1. Digital Publish >
        Image File
  4-2. Digital Publish >
        Office File
  4-3. Digital Publish > PDF
  4-4. Digital Publish >
        Image Edit
  4-5. Digital Publish >
        DBook Creation Option
  4-6. Digital Publish Now
        Under Creation
  5-1. Edit/ Book Shelf
  5-2. Edit / Book Shelf > Edit  
  6. Add such functions as
    FLV、Hyper link、
    percialzoom to DBook
  1. In case of Windows Vista / 7, Internet Explorer 7 and over,
the following setting is required.
  *Click the above image, and explanatory movie starts.
    The movie continues by clicking NEXT button in the movie.
  Change the setting of browser

1. Activate Internet Explorer.

2. Open [Tool]-[Internet Option]

3. Open [Security]

4. Click [Trusted Site], then click[Site]

5. Uncheck [Confirmation of server(https:) is always required in the sites of this zone]
    Enter [*] in [Add this website in this zone]
    Click [Add]
  How to install conversion program in the case of creating DBook from Microsoft Office file.
  ・Corresponding only to 32bit OS. Unable to install to 64bit OS.
・In the case of Windows Vista and 7, click [Execute as administrator] that is displayed by
  right-clicking the icon of the downloaded program.
Recommended Environment
for DBook Creation
  OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  * Windows Vista and 7, click here!
  * MS Office,32bit OS only is suitable.

CPU: Pentium 4 and over
Memory: 1GB and over
Browser: IE6 and over
  * IE7 and over, click here!
If DBook is not displayed properly
The Very First Digital Publishing

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