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Usage in Publishing Company

Reader's Advantages

1. Fast, light Motion

No need to plug in and light motion
As HTML and Flash are on the base, YOUSEE digital book does not require special plug in installation.  (required Adobe Flash Player 9.0 and over)

As YOUSEE digital book works only by browser, you can feel as if you are standing and reading in a bookstore.

2. High Quality

Vector Format, which YOUSEE use as a display format, is able to display details of letters and photos very clearly and beautifully.  Books with small letters and photograph collection can be displayed in the original quality.

Left : jpg file is converted into digital book
Right : PDF file is converted into digital book in Vector Format.


Advantage of Publishing Company

1. Fast, Easy Creation of Digital Book

YOUSEE digital book can be easily created from PDF or scanned data of pages.  As necessary functions for digital book, such as printing function, searching function, etc, are included as standard, digital book can be created with easy and simple operation.

2. Free Skin Design

Because YOUSEE is structured by HTML and Flash, you can easily and freely change the skin and design.

Able to customize the skin, adjusting to the image of the book.

3. Digitalization of Back Issues

By creating back issue digital book, it can be sold in the market easily. 

Generally back issue’s profitability is very low, but YOUSEE digital book can extend the sales opportunity by on-line browsing with much less cost for storage and delivery comparing with the actual book.  YOUSEE digital book can also handle sales management on-line.

YOUSEE 's Sufficient Copyright Protection Function

* Actual digital book case of magazine

* Actual digital book case of picture book


1. Original Compression Format

In the files composing YOUSEE digital book, original compression format is used.

Due to this compression format, in case of streaming or downloading files, data of image or movie cannot be extracted.

It means that you don’t need to worry about data plagiarism

2. ON/OFF Setting of Printing Function

YOUSEE digital book includes printing function and searching function as standards.  These functions can be set ON or OFF at the time of creating digital book.  Thus, for example, if you don’t want the contents of the book to be printed, set the printing function OFF, and you can protect the copyright.

3. Option : Prevention of Capture

YOUSEE digital book has the option which can prevent screen capture.

4. DRM

YOUSEE digital book has another option which protect copyright by DRM (Digital Rights Management)

Multi-Language Picture Book
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