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We wish for realization of new knowledge world
where we can grow, share and deliver our culture to the world.

During the long history of human, without stopping a moment, people have succeeded their own culture and thoughts, creating, absorbing and handing them to the next generation.

Till today this stream has continued since human being was created without any interruption.  We highly respect such stream of culture and thoughts.  Pen & paper have been taking an important role to work as a bridge over culture and the times.

Verbal communication and pen & paper…  Pen & paper is what anyone uses for the first time in life, and it can be said to be a knowledge tool.

Pen & paper, which has connected culture and the time, has changed its shape along with the advancement in printing technology and information-processing technology. 

We think YOUSEE is also something like pen & paper.  It was produced in the stream of culture and the times, and it connects them.  YOUSEE will be able to take such a wonderful role in the society.

Multi-Language Picture Book
Won the first prize in Samsung APPS contest 2010 for Internet TV.
Ferruccio Soleri Digital Museum

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