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Usage in Museum

As YOUSEE digital book has a high degree of freedom in design, it is suitable to be introduced in museum where atmosphere of the art work and its original world should be highly respected.  Besides e-catalogue, YOUSEE digital book can be used as general tool for attracting more customers or archive of the collection.

Moreover, as YOUSEE digital book can integrate many data with various formats, different type of material such as narration for appreciation guide and information movie can be combined together and reused.

(1) E-Catalogue

High Degree of Freedom in Design and Easiness

High degree of freedom in design and easiness are YOUSEE 's outstanding features.  It fits e-catalogue in museum.

General E-Catalogue

In addition to e-catalogue of photo, you can insert curator's comment or voice guidance.  You can make attractive general e-catalogue by YOUSEE digital book.

You can produce very attractive e-catalogue only by combining existing materials, such as printing data of catalogue, voice guidance, movie, etc.  As e-catalogue can be browsed both in on-line and off-line, it can be stored in media like DVD.

In planning and production service section, experienced staff takes care of planning, editing and producing YOUSEE digital book for you.
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(2) As Museum's General Tool for Attracting More Customers

YOUSEE ’s e-catalogue is effective in attracting more customers and enhancing customer loyalty. 
When used as blog parts, contents’ viral aspect can be promoted.

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