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Expansive Property

Easy link with existing system

Due to YOUSEE's flexibility, link with existing system or DB is possible.
Able to use as the interface for input/output by displaying DB information on Digital Book or by entering information from Digital Book to DB.

Here are some interesting references.
A private preparatory school introduced YOUSEE and established management system for copyrighted works and copyright information in learning materials, as well as converting learning materials Digital Book to utilize as DB.
A publisher of educational books utilizes YOUSEE as a question DB by registering questions of archived materials semi-automatically.

Used as Digital School Textbook!

In Korea, several companies including a major publisher of school textbook introduced YOUSEE as the solution for digital school textbook.  In 2010, 9 out of 15 major publishers of school textbook introduced YOUSEE.

The key that they decided to introduce YOUSEE is in the point that complicated contents or materials such as movie insertion, display of answers by click, creation of role play material, etc. can be created very easily, in addition to the benefit of big cost reduction. 


Korean publishers of school textbook used to create digital contents based on Flash.  This creation method had serious problems that a lot of time and cost is required and the digital contents cannot be used except CD-ROM.

With the simple and easy way for customization and operation, YOUSEE can greatly reduce the time and cost for digital book creation.  Moreover, as YOUSEE can be used not only in off-line like CD-ROM, but also in on-line, on the Web (multi-platform), potential of digital book spreads, for example, to the net correspondence education too. 
In Korea, digital school textbook will start full-fledged operation from 2011.  Then, the digital school textbook which has been used only by teachers will be used by students too.

YOUSEE is recognized as the No.1 practical solution for publishers who aim at full-fledge introduction of digital book, with satisfying operational functions like security and management system as well as various user functions like search, e-pen, multi-language, multi-media response, etc.

Multi-Language Picture Book
Won the first prize in Samsung APPS contest 2010 for Internet TV.
Ferruccio Soleri Digital Museum

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