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Usage in Education / School

YOUSEE digital books can be used as school textbook in school and private preparatory school. 
It can also be used as learning material of foreign language, in-house education material of corporation,
training course manual, and others.

(1) School Textbook

YOUSEE digital book can be used as school textbook in private preparatory school or school for qualification as well as elementary school, junior high school and high school.

YOUSEE digital book is not only for digitalization of paper textbooks.  As movies of classroom lessons and reference materials can be easily embedded, students can learn efficiently only with YOUSEE digital book.

With the e-pen function, students can highlight important phrases in the textbook or add comments by writing on the page.

(2) Workbook

YOUSEE digital book is suitable to use as workbook which is repeatedly worked by student.
You can not only write the answers in the workbook but also erase the written answer and review many times.

By digitalizing think, heavy workbook, you can bring easily and study any time when you open your laptop PC or mobile terminal.

(3) In-house Education Material / Training Course Manual

YOUSEE digital book can make all information, from digital data to paper document existing inside and outside the corporation, put into one book.  You can use YOUSEE digital book as in-house education manual or training course manual which contain a lot of corporate know-how.  Revised edition of these materials can be easily made.

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