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Proposals in Each Business

Usage in Company and Public Office

(1) Management of Drawing

Share the Drawing with Large Dimension

Convert construction drawing or working drawing with large dimension into YOUSEE digital book, and you can share it easily only in the browser.

Large Files can Be Browsed Easily

Even a drawing file with high-resolution site photos attached can be browsed easily, due to YOUSEE ’s original data format and file slice.

E-Pen Can Make Communication Easy

By using e-pen function, people in charge in distant places can communicate with each other easily.

(2) In-house education manual / Training Course Manual

By using YOUSEE digital book, you can collect all materials with various formats existing in many sections inside and outside the company.  You can also utilize the digital book to share information among sections, in the whole company or between branch offices.  As movie and sound data can be embedded in the digital book, you can use it as in-house education manual.

Multi-Language Picture Book
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