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Introduction of Technology

Features of Technology

High value-added digital book contents can be created easily.
The digital book can be browsed fast and easily in both on-line and off-line. 
Due to multi-platform with Flash base, browsing environment is not limited.

Advantage for Users

*Basic Function of Viewer

High Speed

Quality design and high speed display of viewer is YOUSEE digital book's competitive feature.  As YOUSEE digital book has no limitation in browsing environment, users may feel as if they are browsing Web site.

Zoom Function

At a maximum 4-step zoom is available.


Because of Flash based multi-platform, YOUSSEE digital book does not limit browsing environment.

3D / Scroll Viewer

3D display and display for a scroll are possible.

Search Function

Text search is possible.

Undo / Redo Function

Undo or Redo of page flipping is possible, which means users can flip pages as if they were turning the pages of real book or magazine.

Changeover of Page Display

Able to change the page display to one side or both sides. It depends on the dimension of the monitor.

Function for Table of Contents

Able to display and manage the contents page, the contents bar and the jump button to the table of contents.

Multi-Language Function

By preparing plural translation of the text, muti-language book can be created easily.

*Additional Function

Multi-Media Function

Able to embed files of movie, sound, Flash, etc.
(File format appropriate for embedding: FLV, WMV, MP3, Flash)

Slide Show Function

By using plural photo images, easy slide show can be displayed.

*Utilizing Function

Text & Image Capture Function

With mouse dragging, text and image in the digital book can be copied.

E-Pen Function

Able to write in the pages of digital book with e-pen.

Memo Function

Able to insert note.

Distribution in CD-ROM

YOUSEE digital book can be distributed in CD-ROM besides on-line. Due to file structure, secondary use of the contents is prevented.

Active Book

Sound and operation can be recorded and replayed.

Audio Book

Sound can be recorded and replayed.


Advantage for Administrators

*Managing Function

SEO Measure

Able to search by Google and Yahoo!

Archive Function

Able to manage volume of contents, in-house documents, etc.  A list can be made easily, display pattern is friendly and cross search is also possible.

Link to the Existing System

Because of much flexibility, YOUSEE digital book is able to link to the existing system.  You can shift from the traditional text & image management to more visualized management.

Shopping Cart Function

Able to add simple shopping cart to the digital book.

Bulletin Board Function

Able to add bulletin board function to the digital book.

Embedding Function

Digital Book can be embedded into homepage.


Data is made in original format, so that the secondary use can be protected.  Capture protection, which is an optional function, is also effective.


By original tally system, browsing information and enlarging information in the digital book can be automatically tallied.


Advantage for Creator

*Creation Support Function

Easy Operation

After selection of the files, basic digital book is created by one click.

Corresponds to Office File

Not only from image file or PDF, but also from Office file, YOUSEE digital book can be created.

Image Editing Function

Images can be edited and processed.

Web Application

YOUSEE digital book is not limited in one PC.  Operators can work on it in plural PCs.

Auto-Fit Function

Page size is automatically adjusted according to the size of the monitor.  Thus, you don't need to make the manuscript in the same size as the monitor.

Function of Table of Contents

Contents page or contents bar can be easily created and managed.

Partial Zoom Function

The selected area only is zoomed.

Highlight Function

The selected area is highlighted.

Link embedding Function

Only by mouse operation, you can make link and embed movies.

Page Flipping Effect

You can select the effect and direction of page flipping.

Cover Effect

Only the cover is displayed in one page.
Even from a small sized manuscript which you cannot zoom, virtual zoom function is available.

Size Enlarging

In case of zoom, maximize the display area and display zoom.

Image Effect of Double Spread

Even if the manuscript is created in double spread, not in single pages, YOUSEE digital book can be created without any modification.

Shade Setting in Inner Margin Area

Shade of inner margin of the page can be set in figures.

Page Number Adjustment

Page number can be adjusted.

Customization Support Function

Able to Customize

Users can change designs.

Addition, Deletion and Change of Pages

After YOUSEE digital book is created, you can add, delete or change pages.

Page Image Extraction

You can extract a page as an image. Even in case you lose the original data, you can reproduce digital book from the extracted image.

Exchange of Logo

Only by mouse operation, you can exchange logos on the skin very easily.

Source Editing

The source code constituting YOUSEE digital book can be edited directly.

File Manager

The files constituting YOUSEE digital book can be operated easily.

Skin Function

As the design of YOUSEE digital book is selected from the skins, design change is very easy too.


The created digital book can be downloaded from the system.


Multi-Language Picture Book
Won the first prize in Samsung APPS contest 2010 for Internet TV.
Ferruccio Soleri Digital Museum

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